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what makes us different


Hinojal & Neila Abogados is a multidisciplinary firm with a marked specialization in the field of Commercial Law and Banking Law, also covering broad facets of Civil, Labor and Real Estate Law. With special mention on Property Administration and Mediation.

Specialized in Commercial and Banking Law

We work with a philosophy oriented to the out-of-court solution of conflicts and their prevention, exercising in the judicial channel a committed and forceful defense of the interests of our clients, to whom we provide permanent information on the development of their procedure and easy accessibility. in his dealings with the lawyer.

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Activity areas

  • Banking Law

    Preferences, shares, floor clause, financial operations, loans, mini-loans, debt refinancing...

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  • Civil law

    Inheritances, successions, family law, leases and sales, accidents, injuries, compensation...

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  • Commercial Law

    Creation of companies, bankruptcy, liquidation and dissolution of companies, commercial advice, corporate conflicts, patents and trademarks...

  • Labor Law

    Layoffs, disabilities, accidents, claim for unpaid wages, advice in relation to employment contracts, EREs, ERTEs, compensation, harassment...

  • Mediation

    We work with a philosophy oriented towards the extrajudicial solution of conflicts and their prevention.

  • Administration of farms

    We help you simplify the day to day of your community and facilitate the rapid resolution of unforeseen events that may occur in it.

Honesty and dedication

Our main motivation is to find the best solution for you as a client, from an initial out-of-court, negotiation or mediation perspective, as well as from the Courts with the forcefulness and professionalism that characterizes our professionals.

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We guarantee a comprehensive service, effective and adjusted to your financial situation.

From the beginning you will know the economic cost of the resolution procedure. No Surprises.

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With the foots on earth

Our office has a group of professional collaborators proven in their various specialties, keeping us in permanent contact with all the news that the social and legal reality throws up, to guarantee a comprehensive, efficient service adjusted to your economic situation.

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Strictnessexhaustion, and trust are the foundations of our professional activity.

We are at your service

You can contact our office to resolve any questions you may have. Call us or write us an email from our contact form.

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